Our firm helps clients file for bankruptcy relief under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code. Our lawyers work with people and small businesses to find debt relief and mortgage solutions that give them financial breathing room to make a fresh start. Through bankruptcy, loan modifications, and other alternatives, we can help you.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows a person to eliminate most or all of his or her debt, such as medical bills, personal loans and most credit card charges, while being allowed to keep certain property. Chapter 7 does not eliminate:

  • Debts for most taxes
  • Debts for alimony, maintenance or support
  • Student loans, except extreme hardship cases
  • Debts for fines, penalties or criminal restitution
  • Debts for personal injuries caused by driving intoxicated

If you are in debt, you may be pressured by creditors to pay money you do not have. It can get to the point at which you fear picking up the phone or going through your mail. Financial distress can also make it difficult to concentrate at work, as well as cause you to avoid social situations. Fortunately, you have the power to get back on track with your finances. We can help you get a fresh start. Contact us at 206-973-3500 or online to schedule a phone consultation.

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