If your estate plan was a car, your will is the engine which makes it run. Estate planning is about getting you where you want to go when it comes to taking care of your family, and you simply can’t reach your destination without a will.

Wills are just one of many different estate planning vehicles we prepare at Dimension Law Group. Our Seattle and Tukwila estate planning attorneys have decades of combined experience helping individuals and families with their estate planning needs, including the preparation of clear and complete wills that accomplish your objectives and seamlessly integrate with other parts of a comprehensive estate plan.

When you meet with us to discuss your estate planning needs, we will take the time to get to know you, and truly understand your situation, concerns, and aspirations. That is the basis upon which we craft personally-tailored wills and holistic estate plans best suited to address your needs and accomplish your goals.

What Is a Will?

A will is a document that allows you to publish your wishes for after your death. This is considered the main document of your estate plan by many. In it you will select a person to administer your estate, state how you want your assets to be dispersed, and possibly set up a guardian and trust for minor children. Your will is completely customizable to your specific needs. We will help you to implement the best Will to achieve your needs.

Why You Need a Will

If you like the idea of allowing a complete stranger to distribute your assets and decide who will take care of your children after you pass away – as part of a costly and lengthy court proceeding – by all means, don’t prepare a will. Without a will, that’s exactly what will happen upon your death, with a judge designating who will receive most of your hard-earned assets under Washington’s laws of intestate succession.

However, these laws may not reflect how you want your assets distributed or whom you would like to care for your kids and may result in conflict between family members. For example, if one child has sacrificed and been committed to your care while you were still alive but your other child is a “black sheep” who has neglected you and your family, the fact that they will both receive equal shares of your estate will likely not sit too well with the more deserving child. It may not sit too well with you either.

With a properly drafted will, you can avoid unwanted results and specifically direct how your assets will be distributed upon your passing. You can appoint a trusted individual to be the guardian of your children and the personal representative of your estate. Just as important, a will makes things easier for your loved ones while they are coping with the emotional, financial, and practical challenges of losing you.

The Internet Is Not an Estate Plan

With the availability of online forms and legal websites, it can be tempting to hop on the internet, download a generic will form, fill in some blanks, sign it, and feel like you’ve taken care of your estate planning business. But there is a very good chance that your “DIY” will won’t accomplish what you want. An inadequate online will can actually make things costlier and more confusing than if you had not prepared a will at all.

The forms you find online may not be appropriate for your circumstances, may not satisfy the requirements of Washington’s state laws, and often leave many issues unaddressed. When that happens, the dollars you save by not having an experienced estate planning lawyer will be insignificant compared to the substantial legal fees and family infighting that follow in the wake of an insufficient or unenforceable will.

Dimension Law Group: Tukwila Wills and Estate Planning Lawyers

At Dimension Law Group, we understand that wills and estate planning involve more than forms and signatures. They are about your life and your family. They are about peace of mind now and security for your loved ones later. We welcome the opportunity to help you reach those goals and objectives. Please call us at (206) 966-4623 or contact us online to arrange for a consultation with a will attorney.

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