Contractor Disputes

Contractors are vital for the construction and maintenance of our homes. Unfortunately, contracts between contractors and employers are often broken or disputed. These disputes can leave all parties feeling cheated and betrayed and often ready to seek legal action. In these situations, it is important to speak with a contractor litigation attorney. Our lawyers at Dimension Law Group are prepared to handle any contractor dispute, including but not limited to:

  • Lien disputes
  • Payment disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Counterclaims
  • Failure to pay
  • Failure to perform

For Contractors

Employers sometimes refuse to pay contractors, make it impossible for contractors to fulfill their contract, or demand the impossible. When this happens it can threaten the contractors reputation, income, and livelihood. If a contractor finds themselves in a dispute, it is important that they seek legal help as quickly as possible to reduce the damages to their business.

For Employers

Improperly completed construction can be a hazard to the persons or business residing in the building. When contractors fail to follow the plans set out in the contract or refuse to provide the quality of work necessary and agreed upon, lives are risked. If you are an employer who feels as though you were cheated by their contractor legal action is recommended to ensure the safety of you or your business. 

If you are in a dispute with a contractor and don’t see a way out, contact us. The contractor dispute lawyers at Dimension Law Group provide outstanding legal service and advocacy to those damaged by contractor disputes and will treat your case with the diligence it deserves.