Lease Drafting and Review

Leases are written to ensure both renter and landlord understand the terms of their relationship and their individual responsibilities. They describe the property and the terms, and are expected to be accurate and understood by both parties. All leases should have the same basic features and content, which can be easily outlined:

  • Premises

      • Location of the property
      • Description/condition
      • General use 
      • Features
      • Existing Damages
  • Lease Term

      • Length of the lease
      • Renewal conditions/process
      • Termination conditions/penalties
  • Rent Amount/Fees

      • Cost/frequency of rental payments
      • Penalties for late payments
  • Responsibilities

      • Landlord/tenant responsibilities regarding real estate taxes, assessments, and taxes on fixtures and equipment
  • Security Deposit

      • Amount and conditions of the return of the security deposit
  • Rules

      • Permitted uses of the property
      • Restrictions regarding noise, signage, and building rules
  • Construction and obligations for repairs

      • Procedures regarding maintenance, repairs, and improvements
  • Security

      • Who is responsible for the security of the tenant
      • Who maintains insurance
      • Who is liable
  • Possession/Inspection

      • When does the tenant take possession
      • Landlord’s rights to inspections
  • Default

      • What happens in the event of default
  • Dispute Resolution

      • Process for resolving disputes
      • Type/responsibility of the cost of mediation

Have A Tukwila Attorney Draft Your Lease Agreement

A well-written lease is the backbone of any functional landlord-renter relationship, whether it be commercial or residential. Our lawyers have years of experience in drafting, interpreting, and reviewing leases and know how to ensure our clients never have to sign a lease that they aren’t comfortable with.

If you need help drafting a lease agreement, contact us to schedule a phone consultation.

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