Choosing the right law firm for your situation can feel like an impossible task. Finding a firm with a local office that understands the personal nature of your situation is difficult. This is why Dimension Law Group started. We are here to provide the highest quality legal service possible, all from our convenient Tukwila office, just a 15 minute drive from downtown Des Moines. 


Build Your Assets

Whether you are building your assets through investment or innovation, the lawyers of Dimension Law Group will be by your side. With knowledge and experience in real estate and business law, we can help you overcome any issues you may face and help you avoid future problems. For real estate, this is done by carefully reviewing contracts and sales agreements and handling contractor disputes with care and authority. In business law, this is handled by ensuring that formation documents are properly filled out and submitted, the organization of the company is logical, and that all employees are properly taken care of.


Protecting Your Assets

Your life isn’t just about what you have, it’s about what you have to give. Having a thorough estate plan doesn’t just help your peace of mind, it helps your loved ones. If you are currently going through the probate process, you understand how complicated estate planning can be. That is why we offer services in all areas of estate law. Our estate planning attorneys are happy to discuss your situation over the phone or at our Tukwila office.


Your Local Law Office

We value our Des Moines clients, and are proud to support them through every step of their lives. Don’t hesitate to contact our Tukwila office to schedule a consultation today.